How do I Build Confidence?

How do I Build Confidence?

Let’s face it, dealing with insecurities is hard.

And you’re probably facing them alone because it’s hard to believe that other people will be able to relate with you.

Yeah trust me, we’ve all been through it.

The feeling that every time you go out, you pray that no one will notice that one thing. 

This is ultimately due to a lack of confidence.

And yeah, it’s not easy to overcome.

So we’ve decided to help the people who are on the same journey to overcome their insecurities. 

But first, in order to build confidence you need to truly understand what confidence is.

What is confidence?

Confidence is having a sense of security and belief in yourself that you can handle issues that come across your life.

To some people, it may mean to be able to stand in front of a crowd and give a flawless school presentation ad not letting their group members down.

For others it means being able to hold a lively, “stutter-less” conversation with a person they are infatuated with.

Regardless of the situation, an individual who is confident ultimately feels great about themselves.

When they look in the mirror, they see a person comprised of traits that they are proud of and area ready to show off to the world.

Having confidence is different than having any other personality trait.

This is because it fluctuates depending on the situation rather than being stagnant indefinitely.

It’s less of a mentality and more of a journey. 

You may not be there yet but you can always get to your destination.

Especially with help from people who have gone through it (a.k.a. us)!

Now let’s explain exactly how to build confidence!

How to build confidence

Let’s break it down to 4 simple steps.

1. Visualize and set goals

2. Plan

3. Take action!

4. Stick to your plan!


1. Visualize where you want to be.

The first step of how to build confidence includes picturing yourself at an end goal that might be difficult to reach, but still feasible.

We highly recommend using the SMART Goals approach when setting objective.

SMART Goals is a acronym tool that is used to aid with setting goals

S: Be SPECIFIC when determining what you want to achieve.

The goal should be meaningful and provide value to yourself.

*Example case* I want to grow thicker hair in 2 months to feel more confident.

M: Your progress should be MEASURABLE

Tracking progress allows you to pinpoint areas where you can improve.

Use quantifiable metrics and numbers.

*Example Case* I want to grow thicker hair in 2 months to feel more confident.

A: Make your goal ATTAINABLE 

Having big goals can help, but not when they are too outlandish.

Keep your goals realistic where you have the resources to achieve them.

*Example Case* Our example is already generally realistic for most adults.

R: Your goal should be RELEVANT to you.

This is about answering why you want to achieve your goal.

* Example Case* I want to grow thicker hair in 2 months to feel more confident.

T: Set a general TIME that you want to reach this by.

Think about it as a date that helps motivate you to make daily progress.

But remember to be realistic!

*Example Case* I want to grow thicker hair in 2 months to feel more confident.

Once you have that perfect goal, continuously remind yourself of that goal.

If it helps, print it out and stick it on your wall if you have to.

This will help stay focused and on track. 

2. Plan it out.

This will be your blueprint to building confidence.

A good analogy for this is, the better the blueprint, the better the construction of the house will be! Maybe built faster too!

This part can be very hard because you may not know where to start.

Luckily for you, the Confidence Egg will be providing you a simple and easy to understand plan that is proven to work.

Feel free to save our URL links, write notes of it, take a screen shot, or even print it out. 

Do whatever it is that you need to do to have this plan ready and accessible!

3. Take action!

Making a plan is useless if you don’t follow and abide by it.

Above all, this is a mental game and what you do for yourself will determine when you win.

In most cases such as hair thinning and balding, the sooner you start, the easier it will to achieve the results you want.

So follow and execute your plan!

4. Be consistent and stick to your plan.

Repetition is the mother of success.

Your actions will become habits, and your habits will develop into a lifestyle.

A lifestyle of confidence.

Living. Confidently. Sounds good right?

This applies to what you do physically AND mentally.

And that’s it!

Keep in mind that I did say these are 4 “SIMPLE” steps, but not 4  “EASY” steps.

That being said, it will probably be difficult.

There are going to be times where you want to give up but you just need to keep pushing and be patient. 

So make it easier for yourself and use the tools that are in your hands. 

Use our plans, take action on them and see the results you want!

That way your efforts will be optimized and you will crack through your insecurities very efficiently. 

Now let’s get to cracking!

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