3 Reasons Females Go Bald and How to Solve it

3 Reasons Females Go Bald and How to Solve it

Females go bald for potentially more reasons than men!

That being said, girls are subject to different risks of balding than males.

Here are 3 female specific reasons why you may be experiencing it and some supplements that will help you stop it.

1. Androgen Index

Some women over-produce testosterone in their bodies which accelerates hair loss.

These effects can be exponentially increased if using birth control pills that contain androgens.

Androgen is male sex hormone such as testosterone and increases your chances of balding.

If your body becomes reliant on contraceptive pills then thinning may occur while using them or weeks after you stop taking them.

To avoid these effects, try to take pills with a low androgen index!

Some low androgen index pills are Desogen, Ortho-Cept and Ortho-Cuclen.

Beware of high androgen index birth control pills.

These include Ovral and Loestrin.

2. Iron Levels

Iron is a key nutrient that is required in the formation of hair.

Without iron, it will be difficult for your body to produce it.

This is because your body will naturally prioritize vital bodily functions like supplying oxygen instead of supplying hair.

I you are vegetarian, anemic or have heavy menstrual bleeding, this can cause iron deficiency.

Due to blood loss occurring at a frequent rate for most females, they are more prone to low levels of iron.

Therefore making this one of the common reasons why females go bald.

3. Improper Hair Care

Taking care of your hair will reduce your chances of balding!

For females, it’s common for them to wear high pony tails.

However, this pulls on your hair and can cause hair loss called traction alopecia.

If scarring occurs, hair loss could be permanent.

Try to avoid braids, buns, ponytails and cornrows as much as possible.

Another small but impact change is to protect your head from sunlight.

The UVA and UVB rays from sun exposure may damage your hair and can lead to hair loss.

In terms of washing your hair, treat your scalp gently without tugging it.


The following supplements are some potential fixes for balding.

They depend on certain conditions but in the right case, it may be the solution to your problems!

1. Aldactone

If you are having issues of high androgen, you can take aldactone to help lower your levels.

This behaves as an anti-androgen by slowing down your production of androgens, reducing your levels by a considerable amount.

2. Iron Supplements

Taking iron supplements can help stop the loss of hair if you are iron-deficient.

However, ensure you are lacking in iron through a blood test as consuming too much iron may have negative side effects.

This may include an upset  stomach or constipation.

3. Minoxidil

Minoxidil is a supplement that can produce some new growth of fine hair but you must wait at least 2 months to see results.

This is only used when the causes are genetic and if someone else in your family is balding.

It cannot fully restore the full volume of hair but it will still stimulate hair growth.

It it works for you, make sure to continue to take it because once you stop, you might experience it again.

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