Causes and Forms of Balding

Causes and Forms of Balding

First we will tackle the issue of hair loss, hair thinning and major balding causes.

It’s definitely overwhelming to learn all the different reasons why someone would experience this issue.

Fortunately for you, we broke down the most common causes and forms of balding so it’ll be easier for you to know what you’re going through.

 Identifying the reasons for your hair loss is extremely important so you can use the right remedies to eliminate that cause!

The sooner you take actions, the easier and more likely you’ll be able to get that full head of hair back.

Just a quick reminder that this article is all about educating you on the different causes and types of balding!

We will go into details of how to fully resolve it in articles soon to come.


But for now, understand that prevention is the best treatment in most cases for balding.


There are several main reasons for hair loss.

You could potentially be experiencing a single one or a combination of multiple causes.

Don’t rule out other causes due to the fact that you identified one cause!

1. Genetic Reasons

As you can probably guess, your hair quality is mostly determined by your genes.

To be specific, research conducted by geneticist Markus Nothen at the University of Bonn states your genes have a 79 – 81% influence on if you will be bald or not. 

If only one of your parents is bald or has thin hair, there’s at least 50% chance that you will experience it too.

Heredity causes for balding is inevitable if you don’t take precautions for it!

Meaning, you should take steps to reduce this as soon as you can.

2. Side Effects from Medications or Supplements

Some medications or supplements causes an imbalance with your hormone levels and cause hair loss.

If you don’t rely on prescribed drugs and have the choice to switch supplement/medication you can take, go with options that have less impact on your hair.

Even if you do have prescribed drugs, you can ask your doctor is there are other substitutes that are better for your hair health.

A prime example of this is birth control pills.

Here is a post to learn more about female specific balding causes, contraceptives, their associations to hair loss and some solutions! 

3. Hormone Changes or Medical conditions

Unsurprisingly, your hormone levels can change due medical conditions or your natural hormone changes.

This can include thyroid disease, pregnancy, childbirth, and iron deficiency anemia.

There are ways to mitigate this cause but sometimes it may have permanent effects.

4. Radiation Treatment

This method of therapy has a side effect of hair loss

Although after treatment hair will most likely grow back, in a rare case it may be subject to change in terms of how it looks.

5. Immense Mental and Bodily Stress

Believe it or not, in many cases stress can actually cause balding!

A person experiencing such a large shock factor imposes such a toll on their body and it can react by losing hair.

It is usually a temporary issue, but it may take a while to recover as hair naturally grows at a very slow rate.

6. Self Inflicted Hair Damage

This includes things such as damaging your own hair through improper treatment, hair styling or washing process.

This too can be permanent if prolonged for an extensive period of time!

7. Diet and Nutrition

Extreme amounts of hair can be lost due to a deficiency in vitamins and proteins.

If you are losing hair, make sure to have enough iron and protein in your diet.

You could also consult with your doctor to identify any nutritional deficiency through a blood test.



1. Androgenetic Alopecia (GENETICS)

This is the most common type of hair loss.

It is determined by your genetics and occurs in both males and females.

Females tend to experience thinning on the whole head.

Males can see balding on the crown of their head and above their temples with the hairline creating that infamous “M” shape.

This type of balding can be helped with minoxidil and supplementary hair growth products.

2. Anagen Effluvium

You may not know this but hair grows in a cycle with 4 stages in them. 

It starts to grow (Anagen), then the follicles detaches from the dermal papilla (Catagen) then matures (Telogen) and later on naturally sheds and repeats (Exogen).

Anagen effluvium is a temporary condition whene the growth cycle is stuck at the growth stage and causes the hair to fall out.

The usual cause of this hair loss is radiation and chemotherapy.

Hair from other areas such as the face may also by affected.

3. Telogen Effluvium 

Similarly to the previous type, telogen effluvium is usually a temporary condition where the cycle stats in the natural loss stage and does not move on.

It is known to be caused by stress, hormonal changes from childbirth, thyroid issues, other medications and surgery.

Relieving stress and other counteractive measures will help this to be resolved sooner.

You could also visit a doctor who could treat the issue and minimize the effects.

4. Alopecia Areata

Sometimes, your immune system may be misguided and attack your own hair follicles, causing you to lose immense amounts of hair!

This occurrence is known as alopecia areata and may be permanent if left untreated.

Like anagen effluvium, hair loss is not limited to the top of your head.

Areas such as your eyebrows and eyelashes may also be affected. 

5. Traction Alopecia

We all want to look good and flaunt our hair, but sometimes you may unknowingly be damaging it!

Hairstyles that pull on your hair such as braids, cornrows, or even buns and ponytails  can cause extreme damage to the hair you were trying to show off.

This is called traction alopecia.

It occurs more when these hairstyles are kept for a long period of time.

Traction alopecia may be permanent if you do not take action after immediately or if scarring is present!

And those are the most common causes and types of hair loss!

Make sure to understand and identify the one you are experiencing.

As we stated and emphasized before, prevention is the best form of treatment for balding!

Take it seriously if you want to keep your hairline and hair health!

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