Our Story & Mission

Hey there! Our names are Paul Kim and Tammy Kim.

Is it just us or is it very difficult to bring insecurities up to others because you might feel exposed or you feel like people wont relate with you and therefore judge you even further?

Both of us at one point felt hopeless to improve these imperfections. There was no one to go to for help except Google where one answer would contradict another answer we found on the next website.

Or every company would be self proclaiming that their product is “The #1 in the market!” and you don’t know which brand is telling the truth.

As we realised that this feeling is not uncommon throughout society, we decided to act and create a hub where people can find the answers they need…

No societal judgement, no scrutiny. Just proven solutions based on facts that we went through and experienced ourselves!

Every hack and tip we present to you will only be provided when we get the hard facts and evidence first-hand that either one of us experienced or a close friend/family allowed us to report on. 

If we haven’t had the chance to go over a certain topic that you want us to cover and find a solution for, please feel free to email us and let us know at confidenceegg@gmail.com!  

You and billions of other people are trying to grow to achieve personal development in some way and reach a certain objective entering a new stage of their lives, just like an egg.

So let’s work together and crack through our insecurities!



Confidence Egg Team  

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